Where have I been? (MSE ITS Project)

I wasn’t as prolific with my posts in 2011 and this year because I was focusing on finishing my Master Software Engineering degree and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) project.  My project website with full documentation and source can be found here: http://people.cis.ksu.edu/~bnehl/

My MSE project takes a Multiagent System approach to the Control of Traffic Signals (MACTS). In additional to control of the local intersection there will be a configuration which incorporates near neighbor coordination. The system was designed with the intent of utilizing distributed cooperating agents. The system goals include minimizing the number of stops, reducing the amount of wait time, reducing travel time, increasing the average speed of travel, reducing fuel consumption and reducing the production of hydrocarbon emissions.

The project code interfaces with the Simulation for Urban MObility (SUMO) application.  MACTS was implemented with Python, RabbitMQ and MongoDB.