Do you have ICE in your mobile?

Putting ICE along with a name and telephone number will enable the emergency services to contact your family in the event of an emergency. I highly encourage everyone to put ICE in their mobile phone.

Radar Widget for Konfabulator

Here is a link to the Radar Widget I hacked up. Fun stuff.


I recently heard of Konfabulator when reading that Yahoo had bought them and they're going to be renamed Yahoo! Widgets

Konfabulator implements a pretty slick concept of "widgets" that are what you want them to be.

Combining the use of XML and JavaScript for implementing widgets definitely speeds up development.

Messing around with a widget I downloaded last night proved to be highly addictive.

They have a lot of widgets in the widget gallery.

I intend to release the updated Radar widget that I worked on last night.

Check 'em out, you'll like 'em.

I am Kung Fu Master

What Video Game Character Are You? I am Kung Fu Master.I am Kung Fu Master.

I like to be in control of myself. I dislike crowds, especially crowds containing people trying to kill me. Even though I always win, I prefer to avoid fights if possible. What Video Game Character Are You?