Transference of process or technique

You know how you're always hearing about work-life balance.  It really is a good idea.  You can pull from experiences in "outside" activities to enhance your software development skills/process.


When you participate in other activities like camping, hiking, bicycling, toastmasters, painting, etc you learn new techniques.  You gain insight into that activity that you can likely bring to your software development practice.

Give me an example

For instance, you're into bicycling.  You've picked up different bicycles for different types of terrain/activities.  You've added various accessories to your bike to make the experience more enjoyable.  You carry a back up tube and air pump for emergencies.  Water and a power bar and gel are along for the ride as well.  You've come to realize that you can go farther and faster over more difficult terrain when you're riding with a buddy.  After training for a while you are stronger and have better riding technique, know the bike better and how to adjust gears for the terrain.

Reflecting on the above you ask yourself:

  • Do I have or use different tools for different projects?
  • What accessories can I add to my development environment to make the process more enjoyable?
  • Where's my development safety net?
  • What do I do to keep going while I'm developing?
  • How can a buddy help me go further and faster creating software?
  • Am I better developer now-- that is, do I have better technique now? Do I know my tools better?
  • What would it mean for me to "shift gears for the terrain" in terms of software?


In summary, that work-life balance/outside activities can make you a better developer.

I encourage you to evaluate your experiences from other activities and bring that knowledge to your software development craft.

Vista Gadget for following the Missouri House

Over the holiday break I updated my Missouri House Vista Gadget for the 2009 Legislative session.  This gadget has links for frequently accessed pages on the Missouri House web site

This session there are also three new custom Google search tools added as well.  The Legislative Search indexes the combined sites of the Missouri House, the Missouri General Assembly and the Missouri Senate.  The RSMO search indexes the Revised Statutes of Missouri.  The Constitution search works through the Missouri State Constitution and the Preamble.
Please use the gadget forum or Twitter to let me know how the gadget works for you!