Zeigarnik effect

I read this with interest.  I would have to agree with it from my own personal observations.

What does this mean to us in terms of software development?  Is it better to end the day (or go to lunch?) in the middle of a task?

The Zeigarnik effect is the psychological tendency to remember an uncompleted task rather than a completed one. Bluma Zeigarnik first discovered this effect in the 1920's while in a viennese coffee shop. She noticed that a waiter was able to...
[Rachel Davies]


The audio that spewed forth
assaulted my ears and shook my core.
The piercing highs made me wince.
Mushy bass churned in my stomach,
like a bowl of left out too long cereal.

The Omelet model of Management

Ok, so I believe in looking at the world around you and seeing if there is a metaphor their that goes along with some concept I've learned. The other morning I was cooking an omelet and saw how the steps I was taking fell in line with the primary functions of management. POSLC: Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading and Controlling.

Decide what type of Omelet - what you want in it.

Gather ingredients Staff
Prepare cook area and ingredients Organize
Saute the ingredients w/seasoning Training

Cook the omelet

  • medium to medium-high heatt (so it doesn't scorch)
  • watch the omelet rise
  • flip it over when ready

Management functions

  • Controlling
  • Stretching (working to minimize risk of failure)
  • Controlling and Leading
Eat the omelet and smileAppraise and give feedback